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Marsica Fossati

Falconeri Unique People is a Falconeri project based on the idea of customizing cashmere and merino wool knitwear. The project gets its name from the fact that Falconeri garments can be made unique by personalizing them with initials and names, the perfect gift for any occasion and a special and unique way of letting our loved ones know they are in our thoughts. As the name indicates, the Falconeri Unique People project features special, unique people, who talked about their backgrounds, jobs and hobbies in interviews they gave wearing Falconeri sweaters customized with a word that sums up their uniqueness. These people share the same values as the brand, such as creativity, experimentation, passion, tradition and style. The passion these people convey makes their stories uniquely interesting. Their stories talk about the beauty and distinctiveness of a customized Falconeri sweater. Their individuality, uniqueness and own personal stories mean they embody the Falconeri brand’s image to perfection. The people in question identify with the Falconeri brand and its values by wearing a customized cashmere sweater, the brand’s iconic garment. Cashmere garments can be customized online through the Falconeri website and in selected stores. The second story is about Marsica Fossati, an interior designer from Milan, who talks about creativity being at the focus of her profession and her projects. Creativity is indeed the word she has chosen to have embroidered on her crewneck cashmere sweater. Cashmere garments can be customized online through the Falconeri website and in selected stores.Initials, names and words of up to ten letters can be embroidered on four parts of a garment: across the chest, on the left breast, along the side and on the back of the collar. A customized sweater is the ideal garment for creating your own uniquely distinctive style that is both elegant and timeless.
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