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Falconeri Made-in-Italy men’s jackets embody practical versatility. Created by expert hands in the finest natural fibers, men’s jackets create style and elegance while maintaining an ultra-comfortable fit. They can therefore be worn from morning to night, without discomfort that you get with stiff fabrics or impractical styles. Paired with a shirt and elegant shoes for more formal occasions, during the weekend or time off they can easily be reinvented with a turtleneck or T-shirt. The styles vary, with two or three buttons or double-breasted, synonymous with elegance that never goes out of fashion. Attractive Falconeri knit jackets result from the company’s core business. These distinctive, soft, unstructured cashmere mens blazers or jackets are unevitable wardrobe pieces. Their exceptionally practical versatility, enables everyone who wears them to feel comfortable in any situation. Colors hail from the classic menswear palette, with a few colorful tones for the more fashion-forward styles. Your wardrobe should always incorporate a Falconeri jacket!

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