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Falconeri’s indisputable elegance is unmistakable in the womenswear jacket collection. Falconeri women’s jackets are elegant but practical at the same time, perfect for adding an impeccable touch to your style. Falconeri jackets are made from exquisite, sophisticated fibers such as merino, cashmere and the finest cotton. Highly-coveted, sophisticated merino is adored for its exceptionally fine fibers which create premium quality garments, while sought-after cashmere, synonymous with luxury, makes the garments warm and soft. Conversely, cotton jackets are perfect for wearing in the spring sunshine. In addition, the unsurpassed quality of the cotton used for Falconeri garments make this fabric particularly soft on the skin. The exceptionally comfortable cotton designs are available in either solid colors or refined jacquard patterns. Balancing classic lines and a casual look, Falconeri jackets are ideal for outdoor walks worn with classic pants or a slim-fitting dress. Choose refined Falconeri jackets to create a touch of elegant simplicity to your style.
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